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God Heals Broken Hearts and Broken Families
By Exchange in E-Mails



When a person submits himself/herself TOTALLY to God, God will take over his/her burdens as well as problems (see Matthew 11:28).  Originally, God created man to DEPEND on Him, not merely use their own human cleverness or wisdom.  The best example is David.  God turned him from a shepherd boy to a powerful King because he feared God, worshipped God and DEPENDED on God.


The following exchanges in E-Mails are actual "messages" from a real case (there is another case inside this case) with names disguised.  The e-mails shaded in ‘yellow’ were sent by AT (the man) to John Sun, ‘red’ was sent by MN (the lady) to John Sun and ‘white’ was sent by John Sun to either AT or MN.  ‘AT’ is the same person appears in the message: “Father Forgive These People, …… “ as contained in the Archives.






E-Mail from AT to John Sun # 1:




Dear John,

I am in big trouble. I have sinned against my family and Jesus.  For one year, I have been irresponsible and neglecting my duties in the house such as cleaning, cooking, doing the dishes, etc. I was very lazy. On top of that, I was selfish and mean to my wife.  I was always angry because I didn't have my way with her. And I did not help her taking care of our baby son. Because I did all these, my wife went away together with our baby son to stay with her parents in
.  Now that they are gone, I miss them so much. I was in a terrible condition but I feel much better now.  Thanks to Jesus.

I had sent many e-mails to my wife asking her to come back.  She told me that she would come back and I would be able to see our son again but she wanted me to change first.  She asked Jesus for help and He answered her prayer. I was still very angry with her for the way she left me. However Jesus sent a friend to comfort me and talked to me about many things. When I saw God's power moving and I began to see clearly all the sins I had committed.  He also changed my heart. I think my wife is having difficulty to decide if she should come back to me.  Without her, my situation is getting tighter everyday and I cried a lot because I miss them. Please pray for me and ask God to bring her back to me.

In Jesus love,

(Signed AT)





Reply from John Sun  to AT # 1:



Dear (AT),

It is a big surprise to me when I read your message. This is because I saw the
picture of your son you sent to me recently. He is so lovely and smart. I
thought you must be very busy with your work as well as your family and having  a smooth and cordial relationship with your wife.  However, my surprises became
diminished when the following messages came to my mind:

1) The more you tried to go closer to God, the more aggressive the Devil would work in your mind.

2) Jesus came to this world for the sinners, not for those who believe they
are good enough.  In fact, except Jesus, there isn’t anyone who has no sin.

3) God will forgive your every sin (except the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit).
People cannot forgive other people because they do not have God's Spirit in
their hearts. We need to invite the Holy Spirit into our hearts.   Try our best not to
leave our hearts empty - at all times.   Otherwise, the Devil may bring more stronger partners into our hearts.  To the contrary, if our hearts are being occupied by the Words of God and the Holy Spirit, the Devil will find no way to come in.

Your wife left you because of your wrong doings and non-co-operative manner.  Let me suggest a basic requirement from both parties out of a marriage.  A marriage is to share the good things God gives to a man and a woman (whom was a stranger to each other, born and raised from different backgrounds and life styles).   This basic requirement is to "love" each other. In fact, it is the New Commandment Jesus gave to His disciples (John
13:34-35).  Think about – “Sacrifice” – it is a foundation of LOVE.  ‘Sacrifice’ can bring happiness to both persons as one party only if mutual sacrifices are evident.  "Love" as defined in 1 Corinthians 13:1-8 can also be used as a reference .

The fundamental duty of a true Christian is to take the 'Daily Bread'. No matter how much time one may need to squeeze out of his/her activities every day, even it is only for five minutes, use three minutes to read the Words of God and the remaining two minutes for prayers.  This “Daily Bread” can keep you strong spiritually.


According to John 6:63, the Words of God are also the Spirit and the Life.  Fresh and blood cannot assist anyone to achieve eternal life.  It is extremely important -  if you do not defeat Satan (the Devil), he will defeat you. There is nothing in between these two.  If you are being defeated by Satan, then, he will take you as his slave again, just as what he did to Adam and Eve.  But, the situation is different after Jesus came down from heaven and was born as a man.  Jesus defeated Satan as a man so that He created the way for His true believers to follow the same way to God’s Resting Place as He did (John 3:13).


Thanks God as Jesus brought us the Words of God when He came the First Time.  If we study His words carefully, we can find a lot of Love and Forgiveness.  If you do not have any preference as where to start taking your "Daily Bread" (reading the Holy Bible), then, I suggest you to start from Matthew Chapter two (skip Chapter One as it documented the forefathers of Joseph), then, follow the remaining chapters of Matthew and the entire book of John.  Read these two books as many times as you wish until you can memorize some of the verses you believe are important in life.


Matthew tells how we may go to heaven. And, John tells us who Jesus really is and the reason why He came down from heaven.


If we wish to defeat Satan, we must possess:

a) The Words of God, and
b) The Holy Spirit, and
c) Frequent Prayers, and
d) Good Deeds, and
e) Endure to the End

The Devil (Satan) seems to be a wild beast and he is always looking for a prey.  When the Devil could not find a man, he even asked for pigs to be his prey (Matthew
8:30-32).  So, don't leave your heart empty (Matthew 12:43-45).


Our body is the Temple of God (1 Corinthians 3 & 6). So, try not go back to sin. Just like when my mother asked me to quit smoking,  I always found different excuses to defend myself. Until I had a cancerous tissue on my lips and I saw so many tobacco companies paid huge amounts of compensations to those died of lung cancers, I finally decided to quit smoking. I did not do it myself, three times in a row (on the third day, the end of the first week and after three months) when Satan tried to convince me to smoke again with all types of excuses, I could not resist him based on my own power.  Each time when the Devil challenged me to smoke again, I raised my two hands and called Jesus to help me. Now, I had quit smoking for more than nine years. You must be surprised to hear that about 10 to 20 years ago, I was a heavy smoker and I used to in-held ten large cigars plus three packets of Marlboro per day.  I behaved like a smoking machine.  

With God, there is nothing difficult, we need just to follow His rules and ask
for His help. He promised to give us rest and take away all our burdens (Matthew

Last of all, we should remember that the first topic of Jesus' preaching was Repentance. And the Resurrected Jesus asked John to write seven letters to seven different churches.  Six letters out of the seven warned the church members to repent (Revelation 2 and 3).

God likes to see repentance from His true believers. When we repent by confessing to Him of all our sins, our sins will be forgiven.   While our sins have been forgiven, we like to go close to God instead of evading from Him when we sinned.

I shall pray for you. But, don't forget to pray starting from Repentance and
followed by giving thanks to Him (Luke



E-Mail from AT to John Sun  # 2:



Dear John,

Thank you for your good advise. I can't thank Jesus enough for all the good deeds that I have been getting from Him through you.  Every now and then, my heart had been hardened towards Jesus and I have denied myself of the need for Him in my life. I think what Jesus would say about me would be - I have had my fill so I don’t need God anymore. I think Jesus had tried to warn me many times thru my wife, yet I kept on refusing to listen. Of course you were right when you said that I was taken as a slave to Satan, it was because all of his temptation that I strayed away from the path I had been walking towards Jesus. I was BLESSED by Him as I heard your teaching to me for all good lessons about life and marriage. Yes, Jesus has been speaking tenderly to my heart and my mind about what it MEANS to have a family and a family with a child.  And you were of course right again that I needed to repent.  Because without repentance I can't allow God to have full control in my heart in order for me to overcome many problems that this world throws at me. You have really opened my eyes John, thank you again.

I guess this would be a good time for me to confess to you another thing which I had tried to hide from you for years. I am a smoker.  More or less one pack per day.  Jesus has been telling me smoking is sin and I keep on ignoring it.  I have been doing it for more then 15 years.  I cannot take good care of this temple God has given me. I am powerless to break my addiction and I cannot be sure whether I urgently need to quit. I need to do it but I can’t make up my mind.  It seems that my body works on itself without my mind.  Please do something for me, John.

The third point in your email you said that God will forgive every sin except BLASPHEMY of the Holy Spirit. It reminds me of the issue I faced a few years ago. I told someone that "the Holy Spirit lead me to do this", I wasn’t exactly sure if it was the Holy Spirit.  At that time I did not know exactly what was the Holy Spirit, I only had heard of the name. Obviously, I wasn’t a real follower of Jesus at that time. I believe only a true follower of Jesus knows who is the Holy Spirit. Only after I talked to you the first time, I decided to surrender my life to Jesus.  It reminds me today when I heard you mentioned it again. My past worry was roused and I kept asking God if I committed the sin of blasphemy the Holy Spirit.  I kept on asking Him and He repeatedly telling me: “No, you did not blasphemed the Holy Spirit.  Finally, He asked me: “Where is your faith in God?”.  What is your thought about this?

In God's Love,

(Signed AT)









Reply from John Sun to AT # 2:



Dear (AT),


I wish to share with you a vision God gave me about man's destiny.  All man can be divided into two major groups or two destinations. 


The First Group are those True Believers of Jesus. 


They will either be resurrected (for all those true believers died before the moment of Jesus' Second Coming) or raised to the clouds to meet with Jesus (those still alive at the moment of Jesus' Second Coming).  This is the First Resurrection.  There is no Judgment pending for them.  They will follow Jesus wherever He goes.  Jesus will bring them back to this world at the beginning of the millennium.  Jesus will also bring them to the New Jerusalem after Satan and his followers have been cast into the Lake of Fire. 


The Second Group are those non-believers of Jesus or Christians who failed to invite God's Words and His Spirit to take control of their hearts.  


For those who are still alive, they will face the seven years tribulation.  People belong to this group died before the Judgment will all be resurrected.  This will be the Second Resurrection or the Final Resurrection.  Together with those people still alive, each and every person in this group will face judgment (to be Judged by the Words of Jesus as per John 12:47-48).  There are only two destinations after judgment: each person may either be sent to the New Jerusalem or the Lake of Fire.  There is no third destination or any location between the New Jerusalem and the Lake of Fire.


As I mentioned to you before, the First Topic of Jesus' preaching was Repentance.  If a person does not know which is right and which is wrong, how can he/she repent?  On the other hand, however, once he/she learned about the right and wrong, and then, he/she decided to choose the right one.  This person can then make a true confession through repentance and ask Jesus (the One Time Priest) to wash him/her clean with His own blood. 


In your case, before you know God well, you had said something negative or you are not sure whether you did blasphemy the Holy Spirit.  Yes, God will forgive your sin just as Jesus prayed to the Father requesting God the Father to forgive those who persecuted and crucified Him (as they did not know that Jesus was in fact their Messiah and Savior). 


Luke 23:34: "Jesus said, 'Father, forgive these people because they don't know what they are doing.'" (NLT)


I also wish to share with you another verse of the Holy Bible: ‘“If you were blind, you wouldn’t be guilty.’ Jesus replied. ‘But you remain guilty because you claim you can see.’”  (John 9:41 NLT)


Based on the above two segments of the Words of God, it is very clear that if you don’t know it was a sin, then, God would forgive you as you stated in the last paragraph of your e-mail.


When confronting Satin, you must be decisive.  In addition, you must put the Words of God and the Holy Spirit in front of you. 


As I mentioned to you before, I had been smoking heavily on and off for 34 years.  Nine years ago, I decided to quit smoking.  After I stopped smoking for one day, I told myself 'why you need to stop smoking?  Even those doctors of medicine said that smoke less than 10 cigarettes per day had much less chance to attract lung cancer than those heavy smokers.   You can smoke less, but you do not need to stop completely.' 


While I was hesitating to make a decision and stood in between the two choices, I suddenly talk back to myself - 'No Smoking! That's It, no bargain!' 


I knew I did have the weakness in flesh and blood, I then raised both of my hands and shouted aloud: "Jesus, Help Me!".  The idea of trying to pick up a cigarette had suddenly lost in my mind.  At that moment, I suddenly remembered how Jesus won over Satan in three different challenges as being specified in Matthew 4:1-11.  The Second Time and Third Time Satan reminded me to smoke were at the end of the first week and the end of the third month after I quit.  Again, I raised both of my hands and shouted for Jesus' help each time.  Now, for nine years, although when I smell the cigar or cigarette, I have a 'familiar taste', thank God, with His help, I can stay away from it completely.


Likewise, each time when we face a temptation or challenge from Satan (the Devil), we must be decisive and ask for God's help.  Take an example of a policeman, he always carry a gun and some bullets.  The gun is the 'Way' or 'Direction' we choose.  The bullets are the "WORDS OF GOD".  Without the bullets, the gun is useless.  We can obtain the 'bullets' by reading the Holy Bible daily (regardless how busy you are) as our daily bread.  Sometimes, the policeman must make a choice or rather a decision whether to pull the trigger.  Without pulling the trigger, nothing will happen from a gun and its bullets.  Therefore, the decision is in man not God.  Thank God, He made man who can make his/her own choices.


May God continue guiding you and bless you in His Own Way,











E-Mail from John Sun to MN # 1

Dear (MN),


Although we have never communicate in any way before, I have been praying for you and your family in the past few days.  AT had a lot of e-mail correspondences with me.  I also had the opportunity to see the picture of your lovely baby boy.  However, I prayed more about you than your baby boy and AT.  I prayed that God will strengthen you both physically and spiritually in a time and situation like this.


My name is John Sun.  I am a no-pay minister (in fact, I use our own retirement savings to preach the Messages God gave me) for the past 10 years.  As we do not have a 'church with walls', most of my preaching have been made face to face or through the internet.  Our wet site is: www.godtoday.org .  In fact, I have published some exchange in e-mail with AT in the Archive section of our web site.  You may see many articles in this web site that are different from other ministries as it does not belong to any denomination or apply any human doctrine - I preach straightly God's messages to me. 


It seems that I have endless topics waiting to talk to you.  However, it can probably be shortened in a few Words of God.  I shall tell you these few words only if you like me to.  In any event, I certainly wish to invite you to visit our web site (renewed with many new messages starting April 2006).


Please feel free to send e-mail to me either through our web site, or godtodayministry@aol.com .


I shall continue to pray for you and your family.



In God's Service and by His Instructions,


John Sun


one of His messengers


God Today Ministries











E-Mail Reply from MN to John Sun # 1




hello, John. this is (MN). and thank you for sending
me the email. I have heard of your name and what you
do from AT before. you probably know about me, too.
I am not good at putting words together like AT but
thank you for reading this email, John.

I do not know what AT has told you (and what he has
not) but I assume you probably already know most of
our issues.  and I really thank you for praying for us
when we are going through this tough time. especially
after we had our baby.  I know God will guide us the
way and pray everyday. I try to have strong faith that
God will show me something. sometimes, I do feel weak
and I do not know what I should do next, wondering
what God want me to do...
I have a question, John. 
what is good christian home
for a child?
  AT keep saying that lately. he said he
wants to marry me but since I do not want to, he is
okay to be kind of like a roommate to raise our baby.
as long as if we teach our baby a bible and go to
church... is it going to be good christian family??

please give me what you think about it. I know, I am
sorry to bring a question like this.  I am not like
AT.  if you are busy, you do not have to. but thank
you for your prayer and your time and for reading my

(Signed MN)










E-Mail from John Sun to MN # 2




Dear (MN),


Thank you for your e-mail reply.


The very minimum requirement of a 'friend' is to help each other when one is weak or in trouble. 


God gives us 'LOVE' free-of-charge, we should also give our 'love' back to God by obeying His commandments.  Yes, to 'OBEY' Him is to LOVE HIM!


And, Jesus gave His disciples a New Commandment while He was a man - that is to love each other.  Therefore, please do not thank me for whatever I can do for you and others as I was instructed by Him directly that "I should live for Him for the remaining half of my life on February 15, 1996" - at the most critical moments of my life.  And, the Reward for me is in heaven, He had already told me this about on November 9, 1997.


I have just prayed for God to give me the wisdom in preaching to you His Words and messages.  They are being itemized in the following:


1)  In John Chapter 6, Jesus explained about the importance of taking the 'Daily Bread' (John 6:48) = To read the Holy Bible (the words of God) every day.


2)  In John 6:51-58, Jesus said something that His listeners could hardly understood.  In many instances, the Words of God has more than one meaning.  We should always ask the Holy Spirit to guide us to understand the real meanings.  God only likes to show His true meanings to His loved ones.  As we know, Jesus is the Word of God (John 1:1-3, Revelation 19:3).  His 'meat' is the Words of God in the Holy Bible and His 'blood' is the 'Forgiveness of Sins' through Repentance of His true believers.  Without Repentance, man cannot defeat Satan (the Devil or the evil spirit(s) inside our hearts).  Without defeating Satan, man cannot be made 'holy'.  Without being 'holy', man cannot see God.  Repentance is so important as it is the First Topic Jesus preached in Matthew 4.  And at the end of the Holy Bible, the Resurrected Jesus instructed John to write seven letters to seven churches.  He emphasized the importance of Repentance again to six out of the seven churches.  Obviously, without Repentance, no man can go to heaven as all man are sinners (except Jesus Himself).


3)  Jesus said He is the Way (John 14:6).  It is for this reason He came down from heaven (being God came down to this world and born as a man to suffer and to die as a man for the sins of all man).  Through His Death and His Resurrection, He completed His DUTY in creating the WAY so that all His true believers can follow Him and go to heaven - God's Resting Place (Hebrews 4:1-11) for Eternal Life.  In fact, God promises Eternal Life given to His true believers but He did not promise anyone to take away all the sufferings (both physical and spiritual sufferings, including death) while we are alive in this world. 


4)  If you ask, why we have to suffer?  The answer is for two reasons:  Firstly, man sinned as Adam and Eve disobeyed God.  Secondly, this world is being controlled by Satan.  That is why Jesus (while He was a man) prayed to God the Father requesting the Father to protect His disciples from the Evil One.  He further prayed that both His disciples and Himself do not belong to this world.  Obviously, Jesus asked God the Father to protect His Disciples by strengthen their 'Spiritual Power' in their hearts.  For this reason, we need always to ask the Holy Spirit to stay inside our hearts - since our bodies are the temple of God (1 Corinthians 3 and 6), otherwise, we might become the house of Satan.


5)  Prayers are direct communications from man to God.  It should be made as often as necessary, but not necessarily long.  God knows our needs even before we were born.  So, we do not have to explain what happened to us as He knows better than ourselves.  We need to ask Him to Guide Us by the use of His Words and His Spirit - and in His own way, not our way as we do not see our own future, but He does!  We must obey to His Words. 


6)  When I saw the peace in heaven (at the most critical moment of my life), I decided to go there as I felt I had no more burden of any kind.  However, He sent me back to this world again as it was His idea, not mine.  So, there is heaven.  Of course, we are not living in heaven now.  While we are living on earth, we need to give God all the GLORY.  Simply because He created us!


7)  A true Christian has God's Spirit inside him/her.  Whenever there is a temptation or challenge from the evil spirit (the Devil) in our hearts, we must use the Words of God and ask the help of the Holy Spirit inside our hearts to Defeat the evil spirit, so that we may stay away from SIN as far as possible.  Do not give any chance to Satan, Zero Tolerance!  Whenever we feel our burdens are too heavy - UNLOAD ALL OUR BURDEN TO GOD, as He promises to give us rest (Matthew 11:28).


8)  Finally, Never Give Up.  God promises to reward those who endure to the end (Revelation 2:10 and Matthew 10:22).  In a race, there are many participants.  However, there is only one winner.  God said: "You ought to be that Winner".  Of course, it is not easy to become the winner unless we have tried our best - in this case - to build a close relationship with God.


If you have not started reading the Holy Bible daily, I suggest you start from Chapter Two of Matthew (Chapter one documents the forefathers of Joseph which has no meaning by itself) and read the remaining chapters of Matthew; and then, the entire book of John.  Both Matthew and John were 'hand picked disciples' of Jesus (unlike Mark who wrote the book of Mark based on what Peter told him, and Luke was a family doctor who documented what he heard from many others after the Resurrection of Jesus).  They witnessed what they saw and what they heard from Jesus.  More importantly, Matthew tells how man may go to heaven and John tells who Jesus really is and the basic reason why God came down from heaven as a man, suffered and died for us.


A True Christian Family is a family having Zero Tolerance to Satan's temptations.  Of course, our bodies of flesh and blood can be weak sometimes (if not most of the times).  Whenever we feel being tempted, that is the time we need the use of God's Words and God's Spirit.  If we refuse to take His 'meat' (reading His words every day) and drink His 'blood' (repent and ask for His forgiveness frequently), we shall have no hope of Eternal Life and became a slave of Satan.  So, stand strong, as you are not alone, YOUR BEST FRIEND - JESUS CHRIST IS ALWAYS ACCOMPANYING YOU provided you asked Him to stay within you. (Psalm 23:4).


Going to church every day or every week do not guarantee eternal life or a place in heaven.  This is because Satan may attack or tempt us in each second/minute of our lives.  You may witness this by seeing so many priests fell back to sin again.  However, a church does provide the opportunity to share the Words of God and to remind as well as to encourage each other on the way to heaven.


If I can be more helpful to you or to explain the meanings in the Words of God,  please do not hesitate to let me know at any time.  Meantime, do visit our web site as there are a lot of God's messages there.  Many people told me that they felt the presence of the Holy Spirit  when visiting this web site.


As you know, one soul is more important than the whole world in the eyes of God.



With All His Love,


John Sun

one of His messengers












E-Mail from AT to John Sun # 3





Dear John,

There is something i wanted to share with you. I didn't see this before but Jesus open my eyes again today so now I can see what was wrong with me. I have a bad habit that i tend to blame everyone when something bad happens. That was how i hurt my wife so much, I tend to pass judgement on her and blame her for everything that went wrong. So now i began to understand that even if she wants to come back she can’t because she thinks i might hurt her again (blaming her for every little thing). It was my human nature (sinful nature) that I did not see clearly before. That is why the email I wrote to my wife surprised you, that email was full of judgement, including all the emails before that. Please pray for me, thanks John

God is Good!!!


(Signed AT)







Reply from John Sun to AT # 3




Dear AT,


Perhaps this is the E-mail from you that touches my heart the most. 




Because God made you a new person with His love in you so you do not wish to blame others.  On the other hand, I must tell you I have the similar behavior of what you did.  On top of that, I always have a quick and bad temper.  Recently, I always ask God to lead me as soon as an anger comes to my heart.


I pray that MN will change her mind.  I did write to her again a few minutes ago.  Keep up with your prayers.


With All God's Love,












E-Mail from John Sun to MN # 3




Dear (MN),


I am happy to hear that you will start to read the Holy Bible again.  While I was preparing God's book - 'God Today' in 1997, I told my mother (while she had not been diagnosed to have a stomach cancer) that I shall not quote any reference in the book with the contents in the Book of Revelation.  It was not only because the contents were difficult to understand, but, rather, there were too many preachers or pastors to claim that he/she was the only person who knew it better (but all had deviated from the original meanings of God).  I remember correctly one of them was J… H…..  He spent a lot of time preparing and explaining the wrong message.


Surprising enough, I could not finish writing of His book - 'God Today' without the incorporation of His messages contained in the book of Revelation.  I thank God so much that He revealed to me some true meanings contained in the book of Revelation, including who Jesus really is in Revelation 1:7-8, 1:17-18, 22:12 and 22:16.  All these matches with Isaiah 9:6, John 1:1-3, 10:30.


If you are interested to read His book - 'God Today', please let me know your address, I shall send you a complimentary copy by airmail.


I have just seen a new e-mail from AT.  It is not my intention to sit in the middle of your relationship.  Hence, I avoided to mention what he said and how he felt when you and your baby left him.  However, I was greatly touched by his latest e-mail.  I decided to send you the entire e-mail message:




Dear John,

There is something i wanted to share with you. I didn't see this before but Jesus open my eyes again today so now I can see what was wrong with me. I have a bad habit that i tend to blame everyone when something bad happens. That was how i hurt my wife so much, I tend to pass judgement on her and blame her for everything that went wrong. So now i began to understand that even if she wants to come back she can’t because she thinks i might hurt her again (blaming her for every little thing). It was my human nature (sinful nature) that I did not see clearly before. That is why the email I wrote my wife surprised you, that email was full of judgement, including all the emails before that. Please pray for me, thanks John

God is Good!!!


(Signed AT)




I can see that only God can change a person, even from the bottom of his heart.  Yes, I did feel AT was too desperate and talked in a strong tone, perhaps too strong.  Thanks God, only Him can make a person 'brand new'.


You may be surprised to hear the following: 


My wife and I invited the whole family of eight (one of our tenants and who has a wife from his second marriage, an elder daughter of 19 from his previous marriage, second daughter 11, four sons of 10, 7, 6 and 2) to dinner last night.  The only reason for us to invite them was to repair a broken family, not requesting them to pay the rent.  The man's wife could not stand the 'living in' of her husband's elder daughter (a daughter from his previous marriage - 19 years old).  The man would rather give up his wife by divorce her because his wife did not co-operate to keep his elder daughter in the same house.  Their attorney had already received instructions from both of them to proceed with a divorce.  Surprising enough, when I preached at the dinner table for only five minutes, both of them were convinced that they would try again to live together as a happy family, this time,  with 'Love' and 'Sacrifices', respect each other more and to abide by the Words of God.  At the end of the dinner party, they had a sweet kiss that we all admired.  God is good, all the time!  Thanks to Jesus as He gave a New Commandment to all man - to love each other.


Yes.  I shall continue to pray for you and yours.  But do not forget to let the Words of God and the Holy Spirit to lead you.  Wisdom comes from God, Sadness comes from the Devil (Satan).  A true believer needs to defeat the Devil (the evil spirits comes to our hearts) at all times.



With All God's Love,


John Sun







E-Mail from AT to MN


Hey (MN),

Thanks for writing me back. There something i feel that i should share with you this time. i pray that you will understand everything.

You have a true Father in heaven. He knows your name. He knows your every thought. He knows your trouble. He listens to your prayer. He wants you to open your heart to him. He wants to heal your heart. After He healed you, you will worship Him with your tears. He will heal your heart and give you a new life. Open your heart for Him for He is knocking at your door.

In His Name,


(Signed AT)









E-Mail from AT to John Sun # 4





Dear John,

You know everything that you have done in Jesus's love for me and my wife. I am glad that I can never repay your kindness because i know God will give you much better reward waiting for you in new jerusalem. Thank you again for leading my wife to Jesus. You led me then and now my wife. I have failed but you have succeeded. Although we have never met you in person but God is so great and knows no limit. I cannot describe with any language i know to show you my appreciation. All my thanks to Jesus for having introduced us.

God is Wonderful,


(Signed AT)












E-Mail Sent by AT to John Sun # 5






Dear John,

It would be a pleasure for me to share my questions and experiences with you to help others in anyway. I would object only if you don’t publish it.  If that could make even a little difference in the life of others I would be most thankful to Jesus. I will write more next time. Take care now.

In Christ Love,

(Signed AT)

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