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The Way
By John Sun

A friend who recently joined a new church and sent invitations to all her friends through the facebook wishing to introduce the ONLY WAY to heaven through the "Appointed Son" of Jesus in the Philippines.  Many friends including her relatives declined her invitations and insisted that Jesus had already created the WAY, there was no duty for salvation left behind.  The following are my response to her invitations and her friends comments:


Yes. Do see very carefully about Matthew 24:24.

There is only ONE WAY to heaven and the Way created by Jesus (John 14:6).

Going to a Church, any church; does not mean the church goers can go to heaven at all. Many priests and Pastors who lived in the church their whole life but cannot go to heaven (see Matthew 7:21-23). Therefore, human beings cannot create a Path to Heaven. Only through the Words of Jesus. Simply put, 1) Obey the Father in Heaven (Love God and Love People), and 2) Endure to the End. That is the only formula, no other.

Like Paul, I was Chosen by Jesus to serve Him as He told me crystal clear in one of His revelations to me: "You did not choose me, I chose you!" He guided me to many verses of the Bible. Especially three times in one afternoon to Isaiah 41:8-16. But I claim nothing special in me. I am not the only way to heaven. Jesus is the only WAY as He opened my eyes and ears so that I may share my experiences with others.

At ALL times, the Words of God prevails. No one should follow one particular person to go to heaven. But one must follow Jesus to be able to join Him one day.

Jesus Instructed me to write His book God Today (which was being prophesied in Isaiah 29:18), 600 years before Jesus came down to this world from heaven (John 6:38). I claim nothing special. Because God loves each one of us.

The Importance is to make sure that we are walking in the "WAY", no formalities.

You see, even one of the two convicts cruxified besides Jesus, who might never go to the church, never baptised, he could join Jesus in Paradise (the waiting room to heaven as per Revelation 20:5) simply because he believed in Jesus.

Again, and finally: Jesus is the only WAY to heaven, no other way.


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