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God's Promise is More Than Miracle Healings
By Exchange in E-Mails

E-Mail Request from Exxxxx Cxxxxxx



Dear pastor,

My spiritual sister's husband Mr. Yxxxxx Mxxxxx, is suffering with a serious heart condition, His heart was enlarged at first but now two of the valves have stopped working and his face, legs and hands have swollen up. The doctors have only given him a week more to live. Please pastor, he is a wonderful servant of the Lord and has 3 teenage daughters, a teenage son and the eldest daughter has just turned 20. We know that even though the doctors are saying very discouraging things, our God is a mighty God and we have seen Him perform great and mighty miracles. He desperately needs the prayers of people like you.

Please pray for him on an emergency basis.


Thank you.



E-Mail Reply to Exxxxx Cxxxxxx


Dear Exxxxx,


Thank you for your e-mail.  While I was reading your e-mail, I had already prayed for Yxxxx. 


Please do not feel sad even if Yxxxxx has to leave this world.  The most important for all of us is Eternal Life.  God does have a different plan for each person.  His reward is not in this world as His promise, and the Center of the entire Bible lies in John 6:37-40.


Of course, we are human beings carrying flesh and blood along with the soul and spirit God gives to each one of us.  If we can endure to the end, we WILL have our reward from God as He promised in Revelation 2:10.


I have peace while the Holy Spirit guiding me in writing this letter to you.


May God's Words and His Spirit be with you, Always.



In God's Service and by His Instructions,


John Sun

one of His messengers


God Today Ministries


web site:  www.godtoday.org




Second E-Mail from Exxxxx Cxxxxxx



Dear Pastor,

Since I couldn't find any place that I could submit my praise report I am using this form.

I wrote to you about a week ago about my spiritual sister's husband who was suffering with a terrible heart condition. Two of his heart valves had stopped working; he was on oxygen in the ICU. The doctor had given him a week to live.

I'm writing to tell you that a miracle occurred on the 1st of this month. He woke up on the morning of that day feeling as good as new even though his heart and lungs were stopping every now and then just a day before. The doctors said it was a miracle because after they checked him, heart was found to be completely normal.

Our God is truly a mighty and powerful God who has saved us from the sorrow of loosing a wonderful man of God, and saved his wife and five children from losing a wonderful husband and father.

He is at home now, though the doctors have advised him to take a rest for a week at least.

Praise the Lord!

Thank you all for your prayers without which this miracle would not have been possible.

Thank you all once again.


Second Reply to Exxxxx Cxxxxxx


Dear Exxxxx,
Thank you for keeping me informed of God's Miracle on Yxxxxx.
God is LOVE (1 John 4:7-8, 16).  If everyone can obey God's New Commandment - "Love Each Other" (John 13:34), we may see a different world as it is today and it has been.
For your information, I took the liberty to publish the contents of our exchange in e-mails (with names disguised) in our web site www.godtoday.org as Today's Message and it can also be found from the "Archive", so that others may be benefited as well.
You do not need to thank me.  You do need to thank God and give Him all the glory.
one of His messengers

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