Is God Watching Us?

If Jesus could see Nathanael before Philip found him (re: John 1:48), Jesus certainly can see you and me, from outside to inside, at all times. 

We cannot imagine God’s power with our limited knowledge.  Only He can foresee the future as well.  All we need is to TRUST Him and to OBEY Him!


The following are the exchange of e-mails with one of our web site visitors – a lady – using ‘SE’ in place of her real name.  Color highlighting was added for easy reading of the main points:




E-Mail # 1 from SE to God Today Ministries


Dear Sirs,

I know God is looking down on us, I had some place I had to be last night and when I got home the covers were turned down, my daughter wasn’t here and the doors were locked; and my cat  was under my bed. I called my daughter to see if she had come home for anything, and she said: “no”, so that tells me that he was here.  That is a good thing.  It lets me know that he is watching over me.







E-Mail Reply # 1 from God Today Ministries to SE


You have a friend who will never disappoint you and He will never die again (Revelation 1:17-18).  His name is Jesus. You can find Him in the Holy Bible as He is the Word of God.

Yes. When you read the Words of God, you’ll have spiritual power to overcome the world and its belongings – sorrow and sadness. Instead, you’ll have Joy.

If you have not yet started to read the Holy Bible daily, you’ll appreciate it soon after you start to take this Daily Bread from Heaven. I personally like to read the books of Matthew (except Chapter One as it records the forefathers of Joseph, Mary’s husband) and John. Both these two books were written by the disciples hand picked by Jesus Himself. They maintained in close contact with Jesus for three years.  They documented what exactly they had seen and heard about Jesus.  Unlike the book of Mark, which was written by Mark following what he had heard from Peter.  Luke was a family doctor of medicine.  He wrote the book of Luke after the resurrection of Jesus.  He collected the information about Jesus from many different sources.  The Book of Matthew tells us how we may go to Heaven and The Book of John tells us who Jesus really is, why He came down from heaven and what was His Mission.
I pray that God will guide you to a wonderful life both for now and the future through His Words and His Spirit.  



In God’s Service and by His Instructions,


John Sun
one of His messengers

God Today Ministries




E-Mail # 2 from SE to God Today Ministries



Subject: Re: Your Best Friend who Will Not Die Again

Dear Sirs,

I used to go to church when I was little and I stopped when I got older.   Why ?  I don’t know.  We were supposed to start go back to church before he died.  After he died, I turned to God.  I now go to church with my daughter and I read the bible once or twice a day.  It is helping me through the hard times that I am facing.  Now, I have Jesus back in my life.  I am beginning to feel better.  I even pray after I read the bible.  I have a friend who lost her dad the day after Thanksgiving and she also reads the bible daily and goes to church.  


I was wondering if I could still order the free book?  I just come across your web site the other day and I thought I would see if the books were still available before I sent any money out.

May God Bless You All









E-Mail Reply # 2 from God Today Ministries to SE


God always keep His eyes on His loved ones. He uses the ‘most suitable way’ for each of His loved ones so that he/she may turn back to the herd as the lost sheep.  In many cases, only after we had experienced tremendous problem(s) in life that we may then understand how God loved and saved us from permanent death.

The best gift God gives to His loved ones is ETERNAL LIFE.  For this reason, He (being God) came down from Heaven (John 6:38) and was born as a man with flesh and blood, suffered and died (Isaiah 53) for all man (sinners). The most important issue is that He defeated death and Satan (the devil) as a man and then, by resurrecting His own human body of flesh and blood from the grave.  As such, He created the WAY (the only way) for His believers to follow so that man may join Him one day in Heaven (John 14:2-6).

It is my pleasure to send you a complimentary copy of His book – ‘God Today’ – totally free.  All you need is to inform me your mailing address.

May God’s Words and His Spirit be with you, always.

In God’s Service and by His Instructions,

John Sun
one of His messengers



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